The Trews with The Redhill Valleys – The Danforth Music Hall – Toronto, Ontario – December 2, 2023

Title: The Trews and The Redhill Valleys: A Night of Unforgettable Music


On December 2, 2023, the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto was filled with an electric atmosphere as fans eagerly awaited The Trews to take the stage. However, before the headliners graced us with their presence, the opening act, The Redhill Valleys, delivered a remarkable performance that left a lasting impression on everyone present.

The Redhill Valleys:

Despite performing to a relatively small audience, The Redhill Valleys showcased their talent and passion in a way that captivated the crowd. Their infectious energy and skill resonated throughout the venue, winning over even those who had not previously heard of them. Their connection with the audience through their music ensured that they would not be forgotten anytime soon.

The Redhill Valleys, a four-piece Americana Roots country-rock group from Hamilton, Ontario, consisting of Chelsea McWilliams, Tim Allard, Danielle Beaudin, and Matt Soliveri, paid tribute to their roots in Hamilton with their name. They proved themselves to be more than just an opening act, leaving a lasting impact on both new listeners and seasoned concert-goers alike.

The Trews:

As the venue filled to capacity, the anticipation for The Trews’ performance reached its peak. When the band took the stage, their presence commanded attention, and they wasted no time in launching into their set. From the very first note, they captivated the audience with their infectious energy and electrifying performance.

The band delivered a set filled with their iconic hits, such as Tired of Waiting, Paranoid Freak, Not Ready to Go, and Highway of Heroes. One of the standout moments of the evening was during their performance of Ishmael & Maggie when they ventured into the audience, creating a special connection with their fans.

The Trews’ ability to engage with their audience on such a personal level showcased their passion for music and dedication to their fans. Moments like these remind us why live concerts are cherished, as they create unique memories that cannot be replicated.

Exciting News and Highlights:

During the concert, The Trews announced that they had co-written a new song, Bloody Light, with Brett Emmons and Jay Emmons from The Glorious Sons. This news added further anticipation for what lies ahead in the new year.

Another standout moment came when John Angus MacDonald ventured into the back of the venue on the balcony, surrounded by fans, and performed a guitar solo that showcased his exceptional talent. The rest of the band members gathered around the drum set, creating a unified energy that reverberated through every note they played.

Special guest Bernadette Connors joined The Trews on stage to perform Fairytale of NY, adding a magical atmosphere with her soulful vocals and emotive delivery. The concert wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a marching band and Bag Pipers joining The Trews on stage to perform covers of Paul McCartney’s Mull Of Kintyre and AC/DC’s It’s a Long Way to the Top (If you wanna Rock and Roll).


Having witnessed The Trews perform numerous times, it is clear that their musicianship truly shines in a live setting. Their energy, tightness, and impeccable harmonies leave the audience in awe. The Redhill Valleys also proved themselves to be an exceptional opening act, showcasing their talent and leaving a lasting impact on the crowd.

This night at the Danforth Music Hall will be remembered as a night of unforgettable music, where both The Trews and The Redhill Valleys delivered exceptional performances that resonated with the enthusiastic crowd.

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