PODCAST: Shane Christopher Neal – Industry 45 From The Drum Throne featuring George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Dokken)

In the latest episode of the Industry 45 Podcast Show, host Shane Christopher Neal sits down with the iconic George Lynch, known for his work with bands like Dokken and Lynch Mob, to discuss the release of the new Lynch Mob album, Babylon. If you’re a fan of Lynch’s music or simply interested in hearing about the creative process behind the album, this podcast is a must-listen. You can find the podcast by following the link provided.

Lynch Mob was formed in 1989 after George Lynch decided to part ways with his former band, Dokken. Their debut album, Wicked Sensation, was a resounding success, earning critical acclaim and fan support. In fact, it even achieved gold certification in sales by the RIAA. Over the years, Lynch Mob has continued to thrive, with various talented musicians joining Lynch on their musical journey. They have released a total of eight studio albums, with Babylon being their most recent effort after 2017’s The Brotherhood.

The podcast delves into the making of Babylon and offers listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. Lynch shares his thoughts on the album and discusses the inspirations behind its songs. As a listener, you’ll gain insight into the mind of a legendary musician and learn about the experiences that shaped this particular album.

If you’re a fan of Lynch Mob or George Lynch’s work, this podcast will surely pique your interest. Additionally, if you’re someone who appreciates the art of music-making, you’ll find value in hearing about the challenges and triumphs that come with creating an album. It’s a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of a renowned musician and understand the passion and dedication that goes into their craft.

To make the experience even more exciting, Lynch Mob will be embarking on a tour this fall, giving fans the chance to see them perform live. The tour includes a special “Record Release Party” show at the iconic Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood on October 25. This promises to be an unforgettable night for fans of Lynch Mob and an opportunity to celebrate the release of Babylon in style.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in hearing George Lynch talk about his latest album, Babylon, and gain insight into his creative process, be sure to check out the Industry 45 Podcast Show. It’s a chance to hear from a legendary musician and learn about the making of an incredible album. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Lynch Mob’s upcoming tour, including the special show at the Whisky A Go Go. It’s a show you won’t want to miss!

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