PODCAST: Shane Christopher Neal – Industry 45 From The Drum Throne featuring Dave Wanless of Sven Gali

Shane Christopher Neal recently had the opportunity to chat with Dave Wanless, lead singer of the iconic Canadian band Sven Gali. In their conversation, they delved into the band’s beginnings in the early 90s, the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health, their first record, their performance on MuchMusic, their latest album “Bombs and Battlescars,” the recording of the popular Triumph tune “Spellbound,” and their thoughts on drummers. The full interview can be listened to here.

Sven Gali rose to prominence with their unique blend of heavy riffs, gritty vocals, and anthemic melodies that have spanned decades. They cut their teeth in the bar circuit of Southern Ontario, Canada in the late 80s, where their live shows were known for being a wild circus of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Eventually, they secured a record deal with BMG, leading to the release of their self-titled debut album in 1992.

Right from the first chord of the opening track “Under The Influence,” Sven Gali made their mark on the music scene. The follow-up singles “Tie Dyed Skies” and “In My Garden” further solidified their presence, paving the way for their ballad “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” which became the sixth highest-charting CanCon song of 1993 and reached the Top 10 nationwide. The album achieved Gold status, and the band won the MuchMusic Best Metal Video Award for “Under The Influence” in 1993. They were also nominated for two Juno Awards. With their music gaining international recognition, Sven Gali had the opportunity to tour with renowned bands like Def Leppard, Foreigner, and April Wine.

Sven Gali’s follow-up album, “Inwire,” was recorded in part in Seattle with producer Kelly Gray and showcased a more alternative experimental sound. Unfortunately, the band disbanded shortly after the album’s release, only performing sporadic shows. However, they eventually regrouped with original members Dave Wanless (vocals), Andy Frank (guitar), and TT (bass), and welcomed guitarist Sean Williamson and drummer Dan Fila from their former BMG labelmates Varga.

Their latest release, “Bombs and Battlescars,” is a testament to the band’s evolution and combines the best elements from both eras of Sven Gali’s music. The album features five new original tracks that showcase their relentless drive, powerful vocals, and unapologetic attitude. Standout songs include “One Gun,” which sets the battlefield ablaze with its blistering guitar work, and “Coming Home,” a massive groove-driven anthem. “Monster” is another fierce track that captures the essence of Sven Gali’s sound, while “Life Inside” demonstrates their sonic prowess, standing shoulder to shoulder with their contemporary alternative metal peers. The album also features a melodic acoustic track titled “Nothing New” that highlights the band’s versatility.

In addition to their original songs, “Bombs and Battlescars” also includes a cover of Triumph’s classic track “Spellbound.” Recorded at Toronto’s Metalworks studio, where many of Sven Gali’s early songs were recorded and demoed, the track was produced by acclaimed Coney Hatch frontman Andy Curran, who brought a modern touch to the song. The music video for “Spellbound” also features a special appearance by Triumph drummer Gil Moore.

To complete the album, Sven Gali included three remastered unreleased tracks from their 90s recording vault, giving fans a taste of their earlier work. The Canadian release of “Bombs and Battlescars” took place on October 13, 2023, and is available for physical purchase and streaming. The band has also released music videos for the songs “One Gun” and “Monster” on their YouTube channel. The third single from the album, “Coming Home,” is set to coincide with the international release of “Bombs and Battlescars” on February 2, 2024. On this date, the band will also debut a new video for the single, mixed in Dolby Atmos by Iguana Studios in Toronto.

Fans can purchase “Bombs and Battlescars” on CD or limited edition army green vinyl through various retail outlets. For those seeking a special touch, signed CDs and LPs are available through the band’s web store. Make sure to check out the full interview with Dave Wanless on Shane Christopher Neal’s blog and share the exciting news of Sven Gali’s explosive comeback!

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